The Last 3 Years In My Career (2017-2020)

The Last 3 Years In My Career (2017-2020)

I received an offer in October 2017 to establish the Career Center and Alumni Relations Directorate at Haliç University. I summarized what I have done in 3 years since then.

Managerial Activities

  • He founded and manages the university career center that helps students and graduates develop, evaluate and implement career, education and employment decisions and plans.
  • It works to help university students and graduates explore career options, prepare for the opportunities they will face and make the necessary connections so that they can make a conscious and satisfying career choice.
  • Develops and implements short and long-term strategic and operational plans, including seasonal personnel and technology requirements, to ensure effective management of the career center.
  • Inspected the service provision process and documentation, published it, and submitted the service and program reports to YÖK.
  • Has established links and maintains relationships with local and international institutions to create short and long term opportunities.
  • The Career Center, which we built and managed in the Higher Education Quality Board 2019 report, has been recognized as one of the university’s strongest points. You can access the report from the link: Corporate Feedback Report 2019
    “One of the strengths of the university is its career center. Guiding practices for the career development of students are carried out by the Career Center, and 84 events were organized in 2018. With the established system, events are announced to students and alumni. The number of applications and departments of the students who applied to the events can be analyzed through the system.

Career Planning and Management Activities

  • In 2018 and 2019, he designed and organized career fairs in which 82 institutions participated. 62 institutions would participate in the fair in 2020, it was canceled due to the epidemic.
  • He designed and edited the Career Post published in 28 issue. The last 8 issues have also been published in English.
  • Selected guests and moderated the videos of Success and Career Stories.
  • Designs projects to improve network networks. (More than 200 students have been included since 2018.)
  • Designed the mentoring program and managed the matching of more than 100 students with people with work experience from the same department since 2019.
  • Designed and managed more than 200 activities since 2018 for the career development of students and graduates.


  • Conducts one-on-one self-assessment, career exploration and job / internship search methods sessions with students and alumni. (More than 500 people have attended since 2018.)
  • Conducts online or face-to-face sessions on Linkedin, CV and Cover Letter preparation.
  • Provides one-on-one consultancy on digital footprint development.
  • Applied Vocational Orientation Tests and used during career counseling.


  • Designed and implemented social responsibility projects in cooperation with TEGV. In the project led by more than 60 university students in different periods, there was a positive change in team management competencies of university students by 21%, decision-making competencies by 25% and creative thinking competencies by 10%.
  • Launched the Language Helpdesk project for those who have problems with foreign languages. He chose more than 50 students as the director.
  • With the Strategy Board, designed and implemented the graduate survey every year. After analyzing it, it shared its results with the senior management.


It regularly provides trainings on the following topics in order for students and graduates to make informed professional decisions and to develop career planning awareness:

  • CV and Cover Letter Writing
  • Future Design
  • Networking and Communication Techniques
  • The Golden Rules of Using E-Mail in Business
  • Business Model Design
  • How to Find Work and Internship?
  • Self-Recognition and Goal Setting
  • Stress Management
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Techniques
  • How to Learn a Foreign Language
  • Time Management