I have improved my career on different fields and it gives more power to my life. Before my business world experiences, I would like to give a brief information about my volunteer works. Firstly, I started to work at Turkish Education Volunteer Foundation for the children. As volunteers, we taught to children something about Istanbul, Math and Creative things. I continued to work for 4 years in there. Less than one year, I worked at AIESEC as responsible for incoming exchange interns. From 2009 to 2014, I worked at Turkish Futurist Association. We created and developed young futurists group and prepared lots of project which are improved futurist idea among the young people with generally universities. We designed management cycle and created volunteer committees. I helped to establish 12 futurist clubs in universities, designed and managed futurist ambassador project for the university students in different cities. I also designed circle table meetings and many conferences about the future with CEO’s, Leader Company or NGO’s manager, Futurists. For the first time, 1st day of March celebrated as a futurist day by my association group and each year held futurist conference. We invited some futurists from different countries for this conference. At the same time, I supported to establish Strategic Planning Society as an associate member at board of management. Lastly, I founded New Economy Association at 2015 with my six friends. I am a member of the board of director as business designer and futurist. Creative idea, business and create new group or community always is exciting me.

I would like to give an info about my business life. I have International Finance bachelor degree in Kadir Has University (%100 scholarhip). After my graduation, I worked as an analyst and a data mining specialist at Turkcell, approximately 2 years. In my first work experience, I have improved my analytical skills. I was lucky to work there because main system had changed in my department and all reports about system change are redesigned by me. After resigned from Turkcell, as a business designer, I grew up and developed strategies http://www.karakasyapi.com.tr online retail market about home decoration for 3 years. While I was conducting the online retail market business, I was doing master’s degree at Design department in Kadir Has University at the same time (%100 sholarship). My thesis is about researching Coworking Spaces in Turkey/Istanbul. 

As a Director of Haliç University Career Services, I am continuing my business designs in my professional business life.

His favorite book series is Sherlock Holmes. He reads and follows with interest the writer David Passig, George Friedman..

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