The Future Map-Marizanne Knoesen

The way of living in the positive future lies beneath designing it because of that I have designed The Future Map method. First step of the Future Map helps you think the future and what should happen in the future.

Would you like to create a future map about whatever you want? you can click here

My futurist friend Marizanne Knoesen from South Africa, she is living in Cape Town. I asked her ‘would you like to create a future map about an important issue?’. She created it about waste. When I read her future map, I have designed this pic.


What is the topic?

Waste – in all its forms (e.g. food waste, e-waste).

Within the subject,what is changing?

I think there’s an increased awareness that a lot of waste can be reused and recycled and that just because we can waste water/food/energy etc, it doesn’t mean we should. In my mind there’s two parts to the story.

1) I simply think it’s wrong to waste anything if there’s other people in the country/world who starve. The hugely unequal world that we live in, is bringing more and more attention to this topic.

2) If something can be reused/recycled/redistributed, why don’t we just do it? With new and innovative business models, networks and technology there’s no reason why we can’t  transform our ‘cradle to grave’ economies into ‘cradle to cradle’ economies.

Why is it important?

As people live longer and as earth’s population increases, there will be immense pressure on our resources. We’re also not sure to what extent climate change will wreck havoc in the future.

How should it be?

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t throw anything useful away, we wouldn’t buy excess stuff and consume resources just for the sake of consumption. We’d be responsible consumers who take only what we need and use our resources to their full potential. For example,paladuym  we would recover 35,274 pounds of copper, 772 pounds of silver, 75 pounds of gold, and 33 pounds of palladium that can be found in 1 million old cell phones..I suggest to you visit this web site Also use this link about e-waste

About Marizanne Knoesen:

She is the Chief Improvert at improverie. She founded improverie because she is fascinated by the future, trends, change, improvement and innovation. She’s a futurist, futures researcher and idea-generator who looks at problem situations and dreams up possible solutions.

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