One of the most famous designer Ayse Birsel, she is my 5th guest for my ”on the roads’’ interview series. We talked about design, her interests and her perspective on design technics. I also got some suggestions from her for you.

We live in an era where knowledge and knowledge mining are trending. Now, she has a designing and an innovation factory. Most importantly, while today and the future are based on technology,however she is focusing on human in her factory.



One of your innovation techniques is DE&RE. How and where did you come up with this idea? What in your life made you invent this idea?

I realized that I work in a specific thinking method while I design a product.  I saw that I have this pattern that I repeat by instinct. And it had a different essence. I wanted to put it into writing and turn it to a concrete technique, when I was experimenting whether I would be able to do it or not, this deconstruction & reconstruction technique consisting of four stages, was created. A technique that I bare, which is based upon my experience. Formerly it was only something that I knew whereas right now I can share it with others; teach it to others; to my students, my colleagues, my clients… and we apply it together. While designing lives, it became something that teaches to people who know nothing about design. So frugal, so simple yet the outcome is that much dense and enthusiastic.

We now live in a world where consultancy has regularities and what you do is so precious considering its uniqueness. Officially registered creative thinking and innovation technique DE&RE is almost like the puzzles which we are all familiar with from our childhood.  Could you please tell us how it works?

You can apply it on anything; to the product, to a business organization, and to your life. This technique, DE&RE is based on distorting something, changing your perspective of it and reconstructing it. Determining the subject, fragmenting it, and while doing the fragmentation you start to overcome your prejudice. Then, you look at the fragments and try to think and understand the pieces that you have to change, how to change, and the things that missing. This then causes you to change your perspective. Here, we use some design tools such as metaphor. It enables you to be aware of the different approaches you can make with the things you already have. You find the answer to the question; how can I reconstruct these things I already have. When the main idea is formed you turn that product or a strategy into your life style. And then the work that will lead to the solution will be presented to you.

fotograf 3

Future is always vague, and the past is always a good place to learn lessons. The past, the present and the future are linked concepts, and we create various scenarios for the future. What do you think about the futurism trend and futurism?

That is also a design. Not a product design but an opinion design. The same applies to the product; you don’t know what’s going to be happening in the future but you make a prediction based on the facts that you know from the past and the present and you create a new product. Since you make that prediction based upon your knowledge, you try to base it on an established platform. It’s almost as if like a prophecy. You don’t neglect the things that you know yet you create something new out of it.

I have something else that I am curious about other than business design. Centuries ago, architecture of the cities were standing out. Especially the developing countries do not have this kind of a concern. That is why we are living in these aesthetic lacking concrete buildings which in my opinion are causing a decrease in our creativity. What do you think about this?

I do not believe that we can change this new perspective. Architecture was a form of expression in the past. Today, this expression is present in the virtual world. That’s why people are investing a lot less to the real world in addition to spending diminished amount of time. When I think about the past; marbles etc. those were some long-term investments that were nicely built with great amount of hard-work, material and effort. We still do have them however; it is as if like they don’t have to be present in the future, creativity has shifted to different places.  For example we have opinion architecture, entrepreneurship, and great deal of expansion in social media. Facebook for example, Google, twitter these are today’s architecture in some way. This concerns me a little, we want the old way but today’s reality does not let it happen. If that is the case, we should be concentrating on where to use our creativity. Maybe this is a transition, like the revolution with printers, the revolution in products are enabled with 3D printers. In the future, buildings that were built by them may be created. And we may be in a transition period right now. It excites me when I think this way.



The way of living in the positive future lies beneath designing it. What would you say if I wanted you to make me a future map on a topic based on the four questions below?

What is the topic?

3D printing

Within the subject, what is changing?

When the printers at our homes started to be a part of our lives, each one of us started to be content generator. When we were only capable of doing this 2D, with this new technology we are preparing to produce 3D object in our homes which is something incredible. This change will probably have enough power to transform the whole chain of production.

Why is it important?

With this technologic move, we can all become designers. It is as if like people are returning to their original being. Everyone used to create their own chair, plate, and sew their own sunshade. With this technology we are going to return to our original selves. The opportunity of being creative will be presented for the interested ones and the others would be able to produce as much as they need. For instance when a glass is broken, consumer will be able to re-create it in a short period of time and the producers will not need to balance the supply and demand issue.

How is it suppose to be?

It is suppose to be quick 🙂



When was the last time you did something for the first time?

To get on the stage and dance, in a conference.

Do you have a motto? What is it?

My life is my most important project.

Do you have a book or a movie that is about the future which you would like to suggest to us?

Film: Brazil – Terry Gilliam

Book: Michio Kaku – The Future of the Mind

When said ‘entrepreneur’ who comes to your mind?

My friendsJ John Zapolski…

Some simple questions have hard answers. What is your simple question?

Do you love me?

What was your first dream that you remember?

I dreamt about Roman horse-drawn vehicle’s in Ephesus.

Einstein said: I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” What is your passion?

To think differently; in order to reach the solution…

Which animated film character are you?

The girl named Chihiro in the animated movie Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki.

If you were to begin a sentence with “If…” what would you say to ignite our creativity?

If I were fearless..

If you were to choose an object for change, what would it be?

I would choose Google.. “always same, always different”

Also you can read this interview on the slideshare.


Fatih CETİZ:


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